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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1: Christmas Tree Expedition 2012!

  • 01 Dec 2012
  • 11:30 AM
  • Bailey/Pine
It's almost time for the big trek!  WOO-HOO!

We'll meet at the tailgating area in Buffalo Creek Saturday, December 1 at 11:30 a.m.  BIG FUN!

Please-please-please do come even if you didn't ask us to get you a permit.  It's going to be a terrific day, guaranteed!


Here are directions to the Buffalo Creek cutting area from Denver.  You can also mapquest Denver to Buffalo Creek, if you like.

From C-470 take Highway 285 South toward Fairplay (21 miles).  At Pine Junction (there will be a traffic light) take a left onto CR-126 (S. Pine Valley Road).  Continue to follow CR-126 for about 10 miles to Buffalo Creek.

You will probably be stopped by Forest Service rangers as you enter the cutting area.  They may ask you for your tree cutting permit.  Just let them know that your friend is holding it for you at the picnic area.  You can ask to be directed to the picnic area where Smokey the Bear (dead serious about this) is doing his meet and greet.  Just ask for Smokey and/or look for the sign for Smokey up on the right after the interrogation spot and pull in to that picnic area.  Follow that little loop around the picnic area, and you'll see us.


Maura Clare 303.884.7091
Seamus Blaney 303.883.4995
U.S. Forest Service Morrison Office 303.275.5162


This info will also be printed out with the permits we'll have for you.  No chain saws!  These are barely more than twigs we're cutting down.  

Also, once you get home, adding a can of Sprite or 7UP to the water in your tree stand will help nourish the tree and keep it fresher longer.


Things you might bring if you are able to (not to worry if a hassle):

--handsaw (even if not cutting a tree...we'd like to borrow yours if you have
--tarp-twine-scissors (if you are cutting a tree)
--little sleds--if there's supposed to be any snow up there by Saturday
--sunscreen (probably more appropriate than sleds)
--**thermos(es) of hot apple cider**  This would be especially appreciated--could all use your help in making sure we have enough hot cider!
--if you feel like it, something to share would be nice (raw veggies, cookies, chips...); easy store-bought is FINE!  
--if you feel like sitting down and enjoying the surrounding, bring deck chairs.

Also, if anyone wants to help with paper goods rather than bring food, please call Maura at 303.884.7091 or drop a line to planetclare@gmail.com

There will be sandwiches and brandy for the cider.  Oh, and anyone can just have cider, of course.  :)


We'll pose for photos with Smokey, scout for trees, tie them to our roofs and--yes, the best part--hit the Legendary Bucksnort Saloon in the World Famous Sphinx Park!!

This will be a long day, but with all the running around we do at this time of year, it is WONDERFUL to leave the madness behind and take this one day just to enjoy the season!

Can't wait!!!
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