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Leadville Irish Miner's Memorial

This memorial currently being developed recognizes the Irish community buried in unmarked, sunken graves in the Catholic Pauper section of Evergreen Cemetery, most of whom were Irish immigrants.

We hope to have Phase One of the memorial complete and unveiled in September 2021.

Landscape Designer: Barnabas Kane
Sculpture/Centerpiece: Terry Brennan
Project Oversight: Mark De La Torre
Project Historian: Professor James Walsh

We memorialize the Irish community that once inhabited the east side of Leadville. The Irish occupied the bottom rung of Leadville's social ladder, worked the mines and smelters, loved, struggled, dreamed, and died young. In the early 1880s, nearly 3,000 Irish-born people lived in Leadville and surrounding gulches, scratching out a bare existence, and then moving on to Denver, Cripple Creek, Butte, and the west coast. Twice they led massive strikes, walking out of the sliver mines and bringing the Colorado economy to a stop. They demanded a raise from $3 to $4/day, an 8 hr. workday, better safety codes, and the right to organize a union.

Please consider supporting this effort to honor the memory of those Irish immigrants who came to Colorado in search of a better life, who died here trying to find it, and who deserve not to be forgotten! Click on the button below to donate directly to our Leadville Irish Miner's Memorial fund. Thank you for your support.

Nearly half of the roughly 1,400 umarked graves are children and the average age of those buried there is twenty three. This memorial is a symbol of recognition of their humanity, their lives, their dreams, and their names, in hopes that their stories might continue.

Learn more about the Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville in this Irish Times article.

Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville

Ambassador Mulhall's heartfelt remarks at Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville - May 2019
Professor Jim Walsh speaking at the reception at the Molly Brown House for the Irish Ambassador - May 2019
Emily Dawson performing at the Irish Commemoration in Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville - September 2016

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